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Classroom Management Models

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Â?¢ Compare and contrast at least three models and discipline plans, and their implications on communication. Include:
o Name of Model
o Model Description
o Theorist
o How does this model function in the classroom?

The three models that I chose are Dr. Harry Wongâ??s The Effective Teacher , Thomas Gordon Model of Classroom Management and Frederic Jones model.

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Frederic Jones model:
Description: This model consists of two parts: Instruction and Discipline. It is a reward system for students who follow classroom rules and routines in a timely manner. It is not for discipline. It is an educational and fun way to reinforce instruction emphasizing learner motivation and classroom behavior while not wasting instructional time.

Theorist: Cantor
The Jones model is based on three assumptions:
Children need to be controlled to behave properly.
Teachers can get control through non-verbal cues and movements to bring themselves physically closer to their students.
If needed parents and administarators can assist in the process.

In the classroom this model can be implemented through classroom structure with the children siiting facing the board while the teacher sits in the back of the room, limit setting, response training ( routines and procedures must ...

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The followign solution discusses three classroom managment models: The Frederic Jones model, the Thomas Gordon Model of Classroom Managmetn and the Dr. Harry Wong's The Effective Teacher classroom model.

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