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Analysis of Self-Contained and Resource Models

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My service delivery models: self-contained and resource

Note instructional strategies used during your observation. Also note the responsibilities of teachers and support staff, classroom management techniques, and how the environment is adapted to meet student needs in each delivery model.

Compare and contrast the two service delivery models you observed.

- The service delivery models you observed and the disabilities they service
- The demographics of the students serviced
- The type of professional and support staff involved, their roles, and their years of experience
- Two additional characteristics of each service delivery model
- Instructional accommodations and modifications in place in each service delivery model
- Behavioral accommodations and modifications implemented in each service delivery model
- The physical environment, such as bulletin boards, seating arrangements, and displays for instruction
- Physical accommodations for special needs, such as privacy areas, special furniture, and assistive devices
- A summary and analysis of each interview

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There are five general categories of service delivery within which students receive services: 1) Pull-out; 2) Classroom based; 3) Self contained; 4) Community based; 5) Indirect services. The logistics of time, resources, collaboration among stakeholders, and location of service, comprise the service delivery model/s that will best meet individual student needs. The two this paper will focus on are Self-contained and Resource.

A Self-contained service delivery model can be described as a specialized classroom for students with special needs contained in a larger, general school setting. Specialized teachers provide specific, targeted instruction to the students in a self-contained classroom. Staff in a Self-contained classroom have typically earned specific ...

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This solution provides an analysis of two service delivery models, self-contained and resource room. This solution is 345 wprds and includes references for each model.

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