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How Human Resource Managers View Applicants

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Discuss: How Human Resource Managers View Applicants

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This is approximately 920 words. It has 4 references. It discusses in length how human resource managers view applicants.

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How Human Resource Managers View Applicants
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How Human Resource Managers View Applicants
What we learned about human resource managers and how they should view applicants were two of the most interesting subjects I learned. There are many aspects to human resources that management needs to know and needs to cultivate. Human resource managers' jobs are not the same as they used to be. They need to have skills they never had before. They have become mediators, negotiators, trainers, and knowledge-base experts.
Orientation used to be a "getting-to-know-you" process. Today, it is still that and much more. Orientation usually takes approximately three days. Each day builds on the next. Some companies primarily utilize this time to have the employee get acquainted with the policy book of the company. Within the policy book are all the rules of the organization and all the benefits the employees receive.
Applicants come in all ages, sizes, talents, expertise, and backgrounds. The job of human resources is to find out what the employee is all about. In addition to that, human resource has to determine if the applicant is a "good fit". Psychologically, the person has to fit. They have to be able to work with the people in the department that he or she would be assigned to. Educational talent needs to be assessed, which most companies do by testing with computer programs. It is important for the organization to have the correct people working for them. To do this, human resources has to be talented, educated, and knowledgeable ...

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