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Reading and understanding: Models of Teaching

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I need help with the Chapters 15 & 16 of "Models of Teaching" Eighth Edition book for Bruce Joyce.

I'm having trouble understanding these two chapters so I need summaries that explains the overall meaning of the two chapters.

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It is my pleasure to once again provide you with some notes. Today, I will help clarify the material contained in Chapters 15 and 16 of 'Models of Teaching' (8th ed).

Chapter 15

This chapter provides you with some resources about how to encourage the development of positive self-concepts in your students. The author does this by breaking down various characteristics by gender. So, individual differences in both boys and girls are discussed. The overarching issue in the chapter is focused on helping educators better understand how students grow into adults who are able to contribute to society in such a way that can be reflected in their relationship in school and out in the community. In other words, how can students learn how to better related to their peers ...

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The models of teaching for understanding the chapters is given.

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