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Explaining Differentiation Instruction in the classroom

What is differentiation? Include hallmarks/principles/elements, and discuss content/process/product.

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When teachers use differentiation teaching methods within the classroom, they are employing a unique tool with the capability of reaching all students because of the focus and impetus placed upon individual learning needs associated with differentiated teaching methods. Within this form of teaching involves several different mediums where the content, process, products, or learning environment may be differentiated to meet diverse learners' needs. The key to success of this form of teaching is that it is flexible and able to adjust to different learning styles making it more successful than the traditional method that is more rigid in its structure (Reading Rockets, 2012).

The most primitive form of differentiation is predicated upon the teachers' responsibility to develop nuanced and variance responses among the different children within the classroom all of whom may have different learning methods. When teachers implement individual techniques designed to account for either a group of learners that are not learning in the traditional methods of teaching or an individual student ...

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This solution explains differentiation instruction and the methodology associated with this form of teaching.