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    Common Core State Standards and Differentiating Instruction

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    For this discussion:

    1. Create two measurable lesson objectives that are aligned with one Common Core Standard.

    2. For each of the objectives, create two differentiated strategies designed to master the objective.

    3. Explain how the strategies you've suggested are engaging to diverse learners.

    4. Cite scholarly sources to support how your strategies are examples of differentiation.

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    After reading the assigned textbook material and viewing the assigned webinar, http://www.ascd.org/professional-development/webinars/tomlinson-and-britt-webinar.aspx, the following are resources directed towards compiling information for the four assignment discussion points for middle school Common Core Standards differentiation regarding History/Social Studies. This particular discussion's topic involves the Civil War.

    1. To create two measurable lesson objectives in alignment with one Common Core Standard, first familiarize yourself with your state standards at http://www.corestandards.org/standards-in-your-state/.

    Next review some resources on definition and practical application of differentiating lessons/activities in the classroom.
    For example, teachers can differentiate by content, process and product. This resource includes additional resources.
    Differentiating Instruction for All Learners. Best Practices Recommended by Core Curriculum. 9/19/2011

    Read teachers' approaches and view lesson plans for common core standards in regards to reading and writing for ...

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    A description of the steps needed to prepare for a discussion on Common Core Standards and utilizing differentiated instruction in a middle school classroom. Resources providing fundamental definitions, philosophies and concepts along with suggestions for practical application with sample lesson plans are included.