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Understanding Common Core State Standards

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Summarize your understanding of the foundation of the CCSS for Math and English Arts. Next, adopting the perspective of a teacher leader, in at least two paragraphs, evaluate how CCSS (Math and English Language Arts) can be used to influence the use of technology-enhanced differentiated instructional strategies to support the needs of all learners. Finally, in one paragraph, justify why it is important to have purposeful planning of differentiated instructional strategies to promote student learning and provide at least one specific example to support your justification.

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According to Thurlow, the initiative for the Common Core State Standards was developed by Governors and Education Leaders in the latter half of the 2000's (National Governors Association, 2010). The CCSS were created to provide a common set of content standards that would be the consistent for all k-12 students in a mobile global society (Thurlow, n.d.). The ...

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Common Core State Standards are examined. Teaching strategies in ELA and Math standards are investigated. Instructional strategies that include technology for students with disabilities are also discussed.