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    Think about standards in terms of education and the content and quality of what we teach our children. Should we have laws in place that 'force' educational standards across diverse local and regional biases? Education is not like a physical object with volume.

    Questions to be answered: Should we globally adopt one standard of measure for education? Where do we draw the line? Who decides? What is your reaction to this? Whose measurement system do we choose?

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    While I concur that standards can help to foster alignment and collaboration among educators nationally and globally and can help learners and parents to better understand common areas of mastery and recommended skill attainment at each grade level, much like we set goals for infants and toddlers to achieve in their development at each milestone, I am not an advocate of a rigid set of rules and a "one size fits all" set of standards in order to teach our children. I recognize that our learners ...

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    200 words of sample ideas and references are used to offer some criticisms of laws that 'force' educational standards across national and global lines.