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Writing Process Lesson Plan for Social Sciences

What is a standards-based writing lesson that I could be taught to 11th graders that includes the following:

1) Explicit descriptions of teacher strategies and corresponding student activities for each of the following writing stages: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.

2) I would like the lesson plan to able to extend over a 2-3 day period (about 3 hours total).

3) I need it to include both content standards for ELA Common Core Standards and CA English Language Development Standards.

4) I would like the lesson to be teachable to at-risk students, so students who are difficult to engage. (Common Core State Standards) (ELA Content Standards) (English Language Development Standards for California Public Schools (1999)).

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As you briefly summarize a standards-based writing lesson that could be taught to 11th graders, I like the idea of a lesson called "I Have a Dream." writing prompt/writing process lesson. Students can write an informative piece about their dreams for social justice, anti-gangs, personal or career aspirations, environmental awareness, etc. This unit can be made into options, so students who are poets, songwriters, or rappers can also structure their final product into a creative writing piece. Students can formulate a 2-paged essay, song, story, or rap (or whatever length you wish ) to express their own dream after studying MLK's or President Obama's speeches, speeches by Maya Angelo or any famous writer/orator, or after reading a play about dreams from Lorraine Hansberry, Arthur Miller, etc.

By giving the students a choice of the product, it motivates the reluctant writers, ...

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