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    Locate or create a lesson plan in the Grade level of Elementary; in the "Writing" department or "Reading" and describe the skill level and deficits of three students; one with a Learning Disability, one with an Emotional or Behavioral Disorder and one with Mental Retardation. Provide suggested solutions for accommodating each student when implementing the selected lesson plan. Then, create the criteria for using a curriculum based measurement to assess each student's mastery of the skill presented in your lesson plan. You will also explain why it is necessary to make these accommodations using your knowledge of the foundations of special education. You must cite 5 references.

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    Let me outline for you how to go about this process, and then I will attach a couple of example lesson plans that refer to accommodations for different students.

    First, locate a lesson plan. Do you have a target grade range? Since there are a plethora of teacher websites sharing lesson plans and it sounds like its okay for you to locate rather than create the lesson plan, I'd recommend using one from a site like readwritethink.org These tend to be detailed with specific student objectives, activities and assessment ideas, so its a good place to get started.

    Next, think about your target age group/grade level and some of the disabilities you've learned about. With this range of disabilities presented in your assignment, it is likely you will have a student that has difficulty with each step of the learning/assessment process, so plan adaptations for each phase: 1 - Comprehension of information/skills presented, 2 - Recall of the information/skills presented, 3 - Demonstration of learning. Perhaps the LD student is dyslexic and so reading is a particularly ...

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    Ideas to create a lesson plan in the elementary literacy domain are generated. The solution fully describes the skill level and deficits of three students.