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    Middle School Math Lesson Planning and Assessment

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    Multi-step word problem solving using formulas, fractions, or algebraic equations. Create or select a tool that could be used to teach and to rehearse these problems.

    Complete the following 7 steps
    Step 1: Select an appropriate tool the assignment. Use the following guidelines to help you select an appropriate tool.
    • The tools may be copied or adapted from those used in the instructional process during class sessions. Other sources include activities on the CD that accompanies your text, text activities, Cuisinaire kit, or math materials available in your classroom if you are currently teaching.
    • The tools may be designed for use in teacher demonstrations (large enough to be seen by a group of twenty students in a regular classroom setting).
    • The tools may be designed for use as individual student tools (safe for use by the age of the student for which is intended).
    • Each tool must be accompanied by a lesson plan which specifies the specific skill to be taught, the standard addressed, the age level(s) for which the tool is designed, and the source of the idea or directions. See Lesson Plan Instructions and Sample Lesson Plan.

    Step 2: Prepare the Lesson Plan using the Lesson Plan Template. Review the the Lesson Plan Instructions before completing your own. Each field must be completed in order to receive credit.

    Step 3: Using the tool, teach the lesson to an individual student or a group of students of the approptiate age group for the tool. Be sure to pre-test at the beginning of the lesson and post-test at the end of the lesson in order to demonstrate that the student has learned from using the tool. At the end of the session, have the student produce evidence that he or she has learned from using the tool work for the developmental portfolio. Retain digital images of the students' graded pre-test and post-test for the Assessment Project.

    Step 4: After teaching the lesson using the tool, fill in the reflection section in the lesson plan.

    Step 5: Prepare and submit digital images (scanned images or digital photos) of the tool used in the lesson.

    Step 7: Generate a reflective narrative analysis essay that describes your thoughts about the effectiveness of the tool, the student's response to the tool, and any changes you would recommend in the construction or use of the tool. Submit the completed Lesson Plan Template, narrative analysis essay, and scanned images of the learning tool.

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    Dear Student,
    Please see some really helpful web links to math resources available on line, links to math teaching association's teachers' tips webpages, as well as the website of common core standards.

    General guidelines

    Use the template that you have referred here in the assignment.
    I did not find it attached. Otherwise, I would have helped you with a sample completion of the content which will go into a lesson plan template.

    Basically, it will have a through overview of the math problem.
    It will include an example for students to learn the mastery of the math problem, by observation.
    Your lesson and black or white board demonstration of the example will serve as the explanation of the content, fractions, algebra, etc.
    Then, you will give students a problem to solve on their own.
    You will include a rubric which will clarify the expectations from the student, regarding successful attempt of solving the problem.
    Finally, you will explain the applicability of the math problem to real life situations as shown in some of the resources links I listed here.
    As independent practice assessment of the student, you will include a home work assignment to complete, as proof that students understood the material and after your attending your lesson on the specific math problems, they are ...

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    This solution provides helpful web resources on how to write a math lesson plan, demonstrate math problem solving, and write teacher reflections on the lesson plan. All references used are included.