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Student Achievement

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Briefly identify and evaluate the current state of student achievement as a critical issue in educational leadership and managementthe importance of assessment-based curriculum, or backward design, on student achievement. You must demonstrate your understanding of the critical, fact-based practices most likely to bring about improved student achievement

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How Students Achieve Based on Specific Curriculum Design

With such a great emphasis being placed on student achievement in the United States today it is no wonder so many people are coming down hard on education in general. Students are failing the standardized tests left and right, and the dropout rate is higher than ever. Not only teachers but also today's administration needs to take a step back and reevaluate their current teaching methods as well as disciplinary measures that are being taken in today's school system setting.

It is obvious that some of the ideas being presented in this day and age are useless when it comes to broadening the achievements of our students. This is evident in the lack of enthusiasm in today's schools as well as the lack of achievement. Students seem to place less of an emphasis on the importance of school, and more of an emphasis on other activities such as socialization or sports. This is not the fault of the school system, however there should be some type of support system in place for low achieving students.

Building a positive classroom environment is a very important step in the implementation of behavior procedures, lesson plans, and developmental skills. Without constructive relationships in a classroom it is hard to get all the children on board with what is happening in the ...