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    Lesson Planning Factors

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    Reflect on how instructional decision-making may influence the success of a lesson. How might using effective formative assessment strategies enhance the success of a lesson for the students and for the teacher?

    When reviewing lesson plans and planning for class, factors to consider in lesson planning and implementation include the following:

    1) Review of prior learning related to objectives- Find out what the students know about the content. It may help when teaching the students so that the lesson is not a repeat of what they have already learned.

    2) Use of scientifically-based instructional strategies- pay attention to current research on instructional strategies. There are so many methods available for teachers to assist students better.

    3) Accommodation of other diverse learner needs. Always plan for your diverse learners.

    4) Checking for understanding. Questions should be put into your lesson. It helps the students and keeps the lesson in the right direction.

    5) Providing feedback.

    6) Use of technology. We are in a technology driven society. We need to keep up with the students and the different modes of learning.

    7) Manageable scope of the lesson

    8) Focus on student learning

    9) Teacher reflection. Once a lesson is complete, reflect on how the lesson went. How did the students respond to the lesson? Did the students master the objectives?

    How can you use the factors listed above to help you develop an effective lesson plan?

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    The review of prior learning related objectives will help me to incrementally increase the level of knowledge that is provided to the students. Utilizing scientifically-based instructional strategies, will help me to plan by utilizing the most effective and efficient teaching methods, as the foundation of my classroom instruction. Planning for diverse learners needs, will help me to be proactive in adapting my teaching style, based ...

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