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Teacher Work Sample as Professional Educator

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Examine the relationship between the Teacher Work Sample and daily instruction as a professional educator.

What surprises did you encounter during the development and implementation of the Teacher Work Sample? How did you address this new insight?

I have attached a teacher work sample if you need to view it. Thanks.

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Teacher Work Sample

A teacher work sample represents an entire unit of teaching and learning. It includes the core curriculum lesson for the period of time represented, the differentiation methods for a variety of student learning styles and needs, examples of teaching strategies, pre-assessment, formative and summative assessments, and a measure of what the students have actually learned, as contrasted with what the student has been taught.

One surprising difference between a teacher work sample and daily instruction is that in the sample, the background research is always included. Community, district, and school factors, including ...

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This is a discussion of the differences between a teacher work sample and daily instruction, and how the differences which are discovered can inform a teacher's approach to lesson planning