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State teaching standards vs. Teaching association standards

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How does the relationship between a state's professional teaching standards and the standards of professional organizations for special educators affect the special educator's teaching methods and lessons?

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The standards for professional organizations outline what they consider professional and ethical behavior for their members in the course of their work. These standards relate to the professional standards for particular states in that their intent and purpose is the same. They both outline what is considered ethical and professional practice, and in many cases, these standards also spell out what is NOT considered acceptable practice, as well, although most of the ones I have read try to state their standards in positive ways (what you should do) as opposed to negative standards (what you should not do).

Many of these documents are virtually identical in meaning, even though they vary in their presentation of the material. ...

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Comparison of state teaching standards and the standards for professional teaching organizations - how do they compare? What do they include?

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