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    The NBPTS and the CEC teaching standards

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    How are the NBPTS (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards)standards different from the CEC standards? How are they the same? How might you apply the NBPTS standards to teach students with disabilities effectively?

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    The NBPTS and the CEC standards are both concerned with their student's self-concept.Both sets of standards are non-discriminatory based on race, cultural and family differences. The CEC standards both emphasize collaboration among teachers, parents, administrators and other community members in student's learning. The CEC standards emphasize professional training for performing support services. The NBPTS do not mention professional training for teachers. The CEC standards address professional development. However like the CEC standards the NBPTS clearly state that teachers possess expertise in the subjects they teach. The CEC focuses solely on improving the educational success of students who have disabilities and/or gifts and talents while the NBPTS are for all students. The CEC has standards for medication adminstration to students that include the purpose of the ...

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    This soltution compares and contrasts the NBPTS and the CEC teaching standards. It also provides suggesttions on how to apply NBPTS to teach students with disabilities effectively.