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    Inclusion Debate

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    I need assistance with the following:

    Inclusion is a controversial concept in education because it relates to our values in education, as well as socially. Some of the questions that surround this topic are: do we value all children equally? What does "inclusion" mean? Does it mean the same thing to everyone? Are there some children for whom inclusion is inappropriate? Are there some teachers and/or schools that cannot or will not provide adequate and effective inclusive settings to meet the needs of all students?

    What do YOU think? What is your stance in the inclusion debate? Respond to the questions above and support your assertions with evidence from the literature, research, and your personal and professional experiences? (please provide 1-2 resources at the conclusion of the discussion).

    Discussion can vary from 300 to 500 words.

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    To get a thorough understanding of inclusion, it is first vital to know what framework inclusion is really based on. Inclusion is a term which expresses commitment to educate each child, to the maximum extent appropriate. It involves bring the support for any child that requires the service (Wisconsin Education Association Council, 2007).

    It is my belief that inclusion is considered a controversy for some teachers because they do not have the experience or knowledge of working with other teachers, or students with special needs. The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), and the National Association of State Boards of Education note, the focus is now on the student. Inclusion is to help students to build self-esteem and self-worth, while providing a positive learning experience (1994).

    Likewise, inclusion not only assists special needs students, but also braces a student's multiple intelligence. The concept of inclusion provides an alternative method to consider the abilities and disabilities including talents ...

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    The evidence of inclusion debates are determined. The expert determines if children for whom inclusion is inappropriate.