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    Debate: Banning of Slavery Outright

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    What If . . .The Constitution had Banned Slavery Outright?

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    Outright Banning of Slavery?

    The idea and practice of slavery - indentured servants, ownership of 'slaves' subject to the will, needs and command of their owners go against the Lockean ideal that the Founding Fathers espoused and looked towards as one of the defining philosophies behind the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. The idea of 'All Men Created Equal' was questioned by figures like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson (even though they were slave owners themselves and had plantations that depended on slave labour) in principle to include and propose that this debatably includes slaves - that by declaring independence it is perhaps also tantamount to doing away with the enslaving practices of the British crown just as the Colonials were subject to the whims and will of their King. The thing is, much of the agriculture-rich South (i.e. Virginia) cannot remove itself from the idea of institutionalized slavery ...

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