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    Guns, Race, and Policing Bias

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    What are your thoughts on gun intervention strategies and why they frequently lead to claims that law enforcement has targeted the minority community? What do you think can be done to mitigate such concerns?

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    There are various gun control strategies. From outright bans, such as those in the UK, to requiring registration of some form as it is in many states. For instance here are some of the most recent ideas for gun control:

    1. Limiting the number of guns a person may own.
    2. Banning high capacity magazines and limiting the number to 10 bullets per magazine.
    3. Banning assault style guns.
    4. Requiring gun registration upon purchase.
    5. Preventing certain people, such as felons and the mentally ill, from possessing, owning, and purchasing any firearm.

    Some argue that all of the above efforts fail to address the issue that the lawless will ignore ...

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    This solution highlights how police may target non-whites in the effort to control guns and how these concerns may be mitigated.