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    Pros & Cons: Stun Guns & CCTV Surveillance in Policing

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    The advantages of police using stun guns and patrol care video surveillance.

    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technology in law enforcement.

    Read Ch. 10 and 12 in Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals.

    Grubb, R. E. Jr., & Hemby, K. V.. (2003). Effective communication for criminal justice professionals. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Group.

    "Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology" - please give some advantages in your opinion.

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    The Advantage of Stun Guns

    Phoenix Police department in the State of Arizona had made the Taser a standard police issue. The capability of the taser that allows for the instant incapacitation of a criminal, a suspect or a dangerous individual whose actions endanger those around him allows for a quick control of the situation and a quick resolution to a chase, a fight or a conflict without the possibility of further damage. While pundits criticize the 'inhumane' effect of tasers & dwell on proposed 'long term medical effects' that an 80,000 watt stun gun brings, law enforcement praise the positive side of using stun guns - they stop the escalation of a conflict & avoid the use of firepower which more often than not results to deadly bloodbaths. In a way it protects law enforcement personnel too, allowing them to keep control without endangering their lives. With the suspect or criminal incapacitated, the police can then make an arrest. In 2002 for example, Phoenix PD while making arrests were assaulted 794 times, of these many are so violent that 28 instances required the use of firepower resulting to 13 deaths. When they made the use of tasers standard in 2003, while the number of volatile arrests resulting to assault on police did not drop, they only ever had to use firepower in 13 instances, a drop of 54%. While pundits continue to churn out the idea that stun guns are dangerous & deadly, the science behind it says otherwise,

    "Stun guns will not cause long term damage to the attacker, even if they have a heart condition, because the high voltage is multiplied by a low current rendering the charge less deadly. Unlike an electrical chair, which has the purpose of killing a ...

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    The solution explores the pros & cons behind the use of stun guns/tasers and CCTV/patrol car video surveillance systems in law enforcement. The solution details how and why they are used and the debate behind them - legality, effectivity, neccessity & danger. Attached with this solution is a word version for easy printing.