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    Access Control

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    Physical Facilities

    Prepare a 700-100 word paper that compares and contrasts the use of electronic technology in relationship to the use of personnel and access control, surveillance, and identification of authorized personnel. Determine which is better and why. Please include references.

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    With the advancement of electronics technology, great improvements have been made on how surveillance is implemented. The quality, reliability, implementation and cost of the surveillance systems right now are much improved as compared to the systems in previous years.

    Depending on application, electronic surveillance comes in many forms. Some of these forms include: surveillance cameras like CCTV, computer surveillance systems like ECHELON, telephone surveillance like wire tapping and caller ID, GPS implementation for tracking and RFID tagging for identification.

    Computer surveillance is normally used by government agencies such as FBI, but it is expensive and is not for ordinary consumer use. In household and business use, CCTV implementation is the most popular surveillance method due to ease of implementation, cost effective and has multiple uses like guarding the house or an establishment when away, recording a certain incident that occurred, monitor a person and recognize him/her through face recognition, and watch different activities on a certain distance. GPS and other tracking devices are implemented for tracking stolen items like cars and locating the exact ...

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