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Information Security Policy Building

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Create a security policy for the following company explaining network security, physical security and access control systems:

Sunica Music and Movies is a local multimedia chain with four locations. Each store has been acting independently of one another and has difficulty coordinating customer sales from one store to another based on inventory. As a result of poor communications, revenue and customer base have been lost due to jumbled inventory from store to store, decentralized accounting, and no Internet-based commerce. With the successful implementation of a WAN solution, all stores will have the ability to access a centralized database for inventory and dynamically reorder stock based on sales. Each location will tunnel all financial transactions through a central accounting package, eliminating bookkeeping errors and centralizing the company finances. All transactions and customer inventory browsing will be done through a web interface and custom Intranet Web site. To meet their need for an Internet customer base, web servers will be located in their data center and will tie in to the company's accounting and transaction servers to provide real-time sales and inventory information to customers.

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The three important aspects for creating the security policy of Sunica Music and Movies multimedia organization is as follows.

1. Network security,
2. Physical security,
3. Access control system.

Physical Security

The WAN that you are going to create to eradicate the problem of jumbled inventory and the decentralized database it must have one server and the rest are the clients. The one server will control the whole transaction and it should be compatible to other client machines. In the network security the thread should be used because this will let the client's machine to know the stock of the main server and in reply the main server will come to know about the sell of the clients. The transaction within the organization must be synchronized as to maintain the inventory not getting jumbled. In the decentralized database the database must not have the same permission on a particular resource at the same time. Then if two process wants to access the same resource in the WAN, then the latter one will have to wait to get the permission to access the resource.

Network Security

Authenticating the user is actually pretty straightforward once you've made ...

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