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    Public Policy about Safety and Security Issues

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    Please help me with the following (specifically, with a policy):

    As the HR manager responsible for Safety and Security issues, you have been asked to develop a policy that will make sure the work environment is safe from a security standpoint, as well as from an injury perspective. You must also incorporate ways to keep your facility secure. You are responsible for a 400-person call-center office in an office tower. You are located on the 10-12th floors of a 20-story building.

    Use your course materials, the Library and the Internet to complete the following tasks and questions:

    1. Identify the key safety issues you would review.
    2. Design a security process that would work with the office tower's Security team that would screen employees as they enter the building. Consider inconvenience to employees as well as safety issues.
    3. Design a security process that would control the delivery of goods to your floors and monitor the comings and goings of employees onto your specific floors.

    Present your conclusions in 1-2 pages.

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    The issues in security are the fact that the building is a high rise and it has more than one business involved. Since the makeup of the building's tenants are not stated, one has to assume there are varying degrees of security needs and issues. The building has security issues, the company has security issues. Both also have issues of safey in case of fire or other disaster situations. With a 400 person organization, keeping track of those employees must be a consideration. Schedules for the work and for knowing who is where and when will be necessary. And notification of problems or security warnings is a system that must be in place.

    Each employee ...

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    A discussion on the important issues that face a company working out of a tower building and how the company policy should read in regards to this type of issue. Security issues and safety issues are discussed.