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Public Policy and Causes of Public Problems

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How can one determine the causes of public problems? Is it useful to determine their root causes or only the immediate causes that are usually the focus of public policy?
Other than overcrowded prisons and conjested highways. Select a policy issue, briefly describe it, clearly identifying the root and immediate causes and what might governments do about them?

Not sure where to begin to answer and discuss this. Thank you.

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Dear Student,

Hello. The social world being an open system and social issues abundant and varied, I understand how it could be quite a challenge to choose one and then investigate from a 'public policy' viewpoint. Don't worry as in this problem the exercise is about you looking at the social world around you, identifying what you believe falls within the realm of public policy, defending why you believe it is a public policy issue and providing an observation and opinion as to probable government policies and actions that could be taken to confront and resolve the issue. Don't worry, any problem or research task can be taken on as long as you design a structure and outline to tackle it. The problem asks you to do 2 'main things' - first to define and discuss public problems and public policy, second is to provide an example of a public problem and to present possible solutions. The exercise, I believe is designed to teach one component of Public Administration and Governance - identifying social issues and putting together solutions. As such I will suggest the following Outline following the APA-format:

? Title - Public Policy: Identifying Public Problems & Presenting Solutions
? Abstract - (a quick summary of the paper)
? Part 1 - Defining Public Policy & Public Problems
? What is Public Policy?
? What are Public Problems?
? How solutions are determined
? Part 2 - An Example of a Public Problem: Social Security Contribution
? Social Security Payments - a Public Problem
? Root & Immediate Causes
? Possible Government Solutions
? Word Count - (number of Words)
? References - (separate Web from Print)

As an example discussing all the issues presented following the outline above, I have written a concise yet comprehensive enough essay below. Use this as your point of reference and example. Don't forget to cite to avoid plagiarism. Thank you for using Brainmass & Good luck with your paper. A word version of this solution which is a better presentzation is attached for easy printing.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Paper title: Identifying Public Problems & Presenting Solutions

Abstract: The solution defines public problems and explores the role of the government in mediating and correcting them. A public problem, its root cause and possible solutions to it is discussed as an example.

Defining Public Policy and Public Problems

In 1922, pioneer political scientist Charles Merriam coined the term 'public policy' in an effort to explore the link between political theory and its application in actual social reality. Public Policy addresses a lot of issues including governance, crime, welfare, education, health, medicine, military conflict as well as foreign policy. A public policy is the course of action (or inaction) and position taken by governments towards a social issues. It comes in many forms - laws, regulations, judgements and the actions that result from them. Public policies are constitutional, legislative or judicial by nature. In the US, public policy is not only the 'end' policy that is then applied but the decision making process that leads towards the creation of certain public policies. Public Policy in the US is also considered an important branch of study in Political Science and analysis of existing public policies as well as actions, processes, methods and theories involved in their creation is of great importance. Public Policy as an academic discipline is a ...

Solution Summary

The solution defines and explains public problems and public policy in a comprehensive narrative. examples of each are provided as well as possible solutions based on public administration principles. A main 'Public policy problem is analysed (Social Security Contributions Problem) - root causes, immediate causes and other related elements are analysed, identified and discussed. Possible government formulated policies are suggested for the purpose of alleviating and finding solutions to the problem. An outline of the essay is also provided to allow the student to see how the essay-solution is structured. references are provided. The solution follows the APA-format.

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