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Three arenas for child advocacy: public, private, and personal

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Summarize each of the three arenas for child advocacy: public, private, and personal. Provide examples to illustrate each arena, and support your summary with at least one scholarly source in addition to the course text.

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As experts, early childhood educators are in prime positions to advocate for the well-being of young children. Advocacy can take the form of personal, public, or private-sector endeavors. Personal advocacy is usually informal and involves educating others on an issue about early childhood education. Similarly, public advocacy involves educating policy makers, and private-sector advocacy is directed toward businesses. Advocates do not sit passively or idly on the sidelines. Advocates get involved. Advocates engage in a variety of activities to bring issues or problems to the attention of ...

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Summarized are the three arenas for child advocacy: public, private, and personal. Examples are provided to illustrate each arena. The summary was supported with one scholarly resource.