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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

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Conduct an Internet search for a professional article on a behavioral approach to working with an issue or issues that you might encounter when working as a human services worker. Write a 1 page summary about the article.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach - in practice with children who have suffered child hood sexual abuse (CSA) serves as an effective tool for human services workers to train the victims of abuse in effectively overcoming their disturbing thoughts and feelings. CBT-CSA is for ages 3-18 years. The program helps children of this age group who have been a victim of CSA.
Social isolation, problematic fears, and inappropriate sexual behaviors are also very straining negative outcomes of the CSA incidents and so their treatments is extremely necessary to make the sufferer become normal again.

Through work at private and public clinics, these children are given sessions so that their trauma from CSA can be minimized using the concepts of CBT-CSA model. The most key aspects perhaps are coping skills and relaxation ...

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)