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Cognitive behavioral therapy

Counselling psychology is predicated in large part on a belief in the possibilities for change through learning. And so learning theory and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which is founded on learning, are much emphasized.

Which theoretical perspective(s) do you particularly gravitate toward & why?

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Cognitive behavioral therapy is direct and logically links a change in thinking followed by a change in behavior. Both with children and with adults, CBT works best, because it leads to a permanent shift from faulty behaviors and illogical thinking style, when CBT is implemented in the right manner, by trained psychologists, therapists and counselors.

Although counseling depends greatly on listening skills as well as professional technical expertise of the professional counselor or therapist and on the part of the client, on their ability to incorporate actual implementation of desired changes in their behaviors, following therapy or counseling, but unless true cognitive change does not ...

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