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Brain Scan Predicts Response to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I wonder if you could provide an article review of the article at
What are your thoughts, comments about this one? What do you get from it?

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1. You wrote "These results suggest that cognitive behavioral therapy would be most useful to those individuals who demonstrate increased emotional re-activity and who cannot engage regulatory structures." Does this imply that best practices would ideally require clinicians to request MRI readings to appropriately match counseling theory to practice? Thanks again!

That statement is how the authors interpreted their results, and they do mean that clinicians should consider requesting MRI readings to appropriately match one counseling theory (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to client characteristics in practice. There are other ways to measure emotional re-activity and the ability to engage in structured activities, but that is not what the article is suggesting.

Even if a brain scan by a functional MRI can predict patient response to CBT, like mentioned below, how practical is this finding to clinicians? Perhaps in certain settings, like a psychiatric ward in a hospital, it would save time and money for ...

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