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    Cognitive Behavioral Theory (Social Learning) - 'Beneath the Mask'

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    I am looking for information pertaining to the Cognitive Behavioral Theory (Social Learning): Inclusion/Exclusion criteria (what clients/problems does the research suggest and how does this influence the theory in being most/least effective?).

    I am reading 'Beneath the Mask' by Monte and Sollod but its' chapters on Dollard, Miller and Bandura do not provide a flow to the information and I can't grasp the topic. Any good sources? Maybe a concise overview would help me in understanding this topic?

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    Cognitive behavior modification is a form of behavioral therapy in which the clients learn to replace dysfunctional personal modes of behaviors with more rational actions based in rational thought processes.

    An example is: a person who just does not do well at any job, will be given the task and she/he will adapt a rational attitude towards the job by telling her/himself that " The job is hard, but I am capable of doing it by working out a solution to the obstacles".

    For the most part, CBT works well with any Axis:
    Behavior therapy provides patients with a successful method for controlling anxiety in social situations, for decreasing anticipatory anxiety, and for reducing the use of avoidance as a maladaptive coping tactic. It's not known why behavior therapy is an effective treatment for social anxiety disorder; it may well be that it modifies disturbed neurotransmitter systems in the brain.

    Patients with personality disorders frequently pose a special challenge towards therapy. The challenge is related, in part, to their very rigid, negative, overgeneralized beliefs about themselves, others, and their worlds and the ...

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