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Training & Development: Explain Social Learning Theory

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Can you help me explain Social Learning Theory? Please list references.

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//Social learning theory is the main background of the paper. In this context, firstly we will discuss learning theory that provides a relevant understanding of the learning process, which directs individuals to have an attention towards those elements that are crucial in delivering the desired goals, from both individual and organization's point of view. In the topic below, we will discuss the importance and an individual's actions with regard to the theory//.

Concept of Learning and Its Importance

Learning is a continuous process in an organization with regard to training and development. Learning gives more value to observation and modeling of the individual behavior in the context of emotional reactions and attitude of every individual. Learning can also be harmful if the individuals are left totally to learn on their own. In such a situation, the essence of learning is lost, and individuals struggle to understand the exact aim of training and development. However, in the present world, learning is an unending process, where understanding and skills are changed according to the needs of the situation or business environment.

//Moving towards the main question, we will discuss social learning theory and its related aspects to have a clear understanding about the topic//

Social Learning Theory

The most authoritative theory of learning and development is referred as social learning theory, which is proposed by Albert Bandura. This theory highly considers social element in learning and ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 861 words with references.

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