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    Psychological theories; short essay answer

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    My theories is behavior and social cognitive.

    Explain how these theories will influence the future of psychology.

    Explain if there is a new method that you can apply to or research in psychology.

    Explain how the information in this presentation affects your worldview.

    Explain how you used critical or creative thinking in the creation of the presentation.

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    Behavioral theory focuses on the current behavior of the individual and with the help of short behavior therapy, the aim is to modify the behavior which are negative in impact and keep the individual in a maladjusted or dysfunctional condition.

    Applied behavior analysis is a form of therapy which is based on behavior theory.

    Social cognitive theory is focused on the relationship of the individual with other individuals or groups around the individual and how social perceptions shape or cause an effect on the behavior of the individual.

    Social comparison theory and social learning theory are two other types of social ...

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    Psychological theories; short essay answer