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    Childhood Disorders (Axis 1)

    This quiz is designed to test one's knowledge on childhood Principle Disorders found in the DSM-IV (1994). This is a good quiz for those who wish to pursue a career in child assessment or child development. Good luck.


    Which of the following is NOT TRUE regarding Autistic Disorder in Children.


    Which of the following shows the correct combination of symptoms in Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder?


    Which of the following IS NOT a learning disability.


    John is a 6 year old boy who attends the Woodberry Prep Elementary School. His principal reports to his parents that he refuses to speak in class when he's asked a question. His parents argue that he speaks fine at home. They ask if he's been fighting with other students in class or making fun of his teacher. The principal replies with a "no" but adds that his lack of verbal communication will have an impact on his education. John is most likely displaying symptoms of...


    Sam is a 4 year old who is having issues keeping food down. His parents have brought him into your clinic for an assessment. He will tend to burp up his food and chew on it before swallowing again. His parents have also caught him trying to eat paint chips. He is most likely suffering from...