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Comparison of behavioral and cognitive theory principles

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How does the behavioral theory of verbal behavior differ from the cognitive theory of language development? Provide an example from either your own personal/work experience or from the reading to support the behavioral view of language. Chomsky stated that the behavioral view was not possible since humans constantly create new sentences. How could a behaviorist (using the principles) explain the creation of new sentences?

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Nativism by Chomskey and inter-actionism has emphasized a) the innate ability for a human child to learn to speak at later stage in learning (and growing up while experiencing language expression) b) through environmental interactions with family and other people as the social circles get larger and larger over time.

Behavioral response theory is based on the premise that language development is possible based on learning of language and its expression in distinct manner, whereas the cognitive theory emphasizes the ...

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Short essay on comparison between behavioral and cognitive theories in the context of verbal behaviors and language development