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Behavior Therapy for Emotionally-Disturbed Children

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The problem addressed in this description is how to solve psychological issues involving emotionally-disturbed children using a selected behavioral theory. For example, what strategies can be used to help client's cope with issues such as: family relationships, peer interaction, aggression in children, social skills, and academic difficulties? Selecting a specific behavioral therapy plan is focused on critical and probalistic reasoning related to both behavioral and mental processes. What theory can be used to best alter the child's (children) behavior, and what is action plan can be designed based on the theory is explored.

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Cognitive strategies are suggested along with a behavioral modification approach. A theory is presented that has been successfully used in school settings. This theory is based on ...

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This solution provides steps to follow to aid in identifying behavioral problems in children. It provides a plan of action by which to design a program of intervention. Strategies are discussed to monitor behavior that will aid in assessing the behavioral problem, and avoid any recurrence of the behavior.