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Behavior Assessment Phases

Before behavior analysts can choose behaviors to target or programs to put in place to address behaviors, they must first complete a behavior assessment. First state and define the five phases of behavior assessment. Then pick two of the five phases and discuss in your own words
(a) what a behavior analyst is supposed to do during the phase and
(b) why it is included in behavior assessment.

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What is a behavior assessment?

A behavior assessment is a variety of techniques that concentrate on behavior it self rather than on underlying traits, hypothetical causes, or presumed dimensions of personality. (Gregory,2004)

What the five phases of a behavior assessment?

The five phases of a behavior assessment are as follows behavioral observations, physiological assessment, biological assessment, structured interviews and analogue tests. Behavioral observations- this is what the client is doing physically and emotionally. Physiological assessment- this is based on a physical examination to check health issues and to check for various ...

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This solution covers several behavioral assessments and how they use biological and psychological issues to devise a intervention to help children and adults.