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    Human Resources Recruitment Planning and Strategy

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    Why must the recruitment planning and strategy development phases be completed to effectively develop recruitment tools? What are three recruitment sources used by organizations to search for applicants? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each source you selected.

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    Recruitment is the process of locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants (Robbins and Coulter, 2005). The main objective of this process is to attract the most number of applicants who would be capable of filling up a particular position in the company.
    Before even engaging in developing recruitment tools, recruitment planning and strategy development phases should have been completed. This is to ensure that correct people are recruited for the job and consequently, the correct applicant would be selected and hired.
    Recruitment planning and strategy development involves determining in advance, future recruitment actions on the basis of human resource needs assessment and evaluation conducted earlier. Even before the formal recruitment process, the following should have been determined:
    a) positions to be filled
    b) nature of ...

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