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Value of understanding job analysis information; external or internal recruitment

What is the value of understanding job analysis information as an operating manager?

Which do you consider more valuable, external or internal recruitment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Explain.

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//Job Analysis plays a vital role in providing an appropriate direction to the organization in terms of job. Before starting a paper like this it is very crucial to discuss the concept of job analysis and how it is considered helpful for the operating manager. We will move further by providing a short introduction of the topic along with its applicability to the operation manager.//

Job Analysis is the process which helps in determining and recording the relevant information about a specific job. Under this, tasks covered include the knowledge and potential required for performing the job and the liabilities attached to the job. This process helps in distinguishing one job from another. This is done on the basis of observation and keen study. It is also known as Job Classification or Job Review. The two major constituents of Job analysis are the Job Specification and the Job Description (Manas & Graham, 2002).

The operating manager is benefited by the understanding the job analysis information. This information helps him a lot in building a solid foundation and assists in making fair judgment related ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 731 words with references.