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    Apple Computer

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    In this problem I need assistance in analyzing the selection processes in the Apple Computer, Inc. organization focusing on Recruiting Practices within the Apple computer industry. Ideally please briefly assist me in describing the organization in no more than about a half of a page. I also need assistance in the following:
    1. Describing the nature of recruitment, as well as of the methods used in recruitment, within the organization (NOTE: Do not discuss selection)
    2. Identifying key issues that the organization faces in recruitment, and assess how well its current recruitment methods address those issues.
    3. Based on your analysis, please assist me in making three recommendations to improve the recruiting methods currently in use.
    Also, please:
    ? Reference any sources that you use in your work.
    ? Use headings and subheadings to clearly show the structure of your analysis.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1046 words with references.
    //Before writing about the recruitment process adopted by Apple Computers, Inc., we will write about the overview of the company. It will assist in understanding the approach of the company towards the management of its business operations in the competitive market place.//


    Apple Computer Inc. is successfully operating in the designing and fabrication of software and electronics items. The company provides diversified products and services as per the requirements of the potential customers. The organizational policies and procedures of the company have made it successful in the competitive business environment. The firm also possesses retail stores at different locations in the global marketplace. The organizational hierarchy has made the cultural environment of the company effective, which is significant in integrating the employees for the attainment of the long term goals and objectives (Apple Inc., 2009).

    The human resource policies and procedures motivate and coordinate the employees towards providing effective performance. It strengthens the implementation of strategic planning process within the organization. In concerns to the analysis of the recruitment practices, the recruitment methods used by the company for recruiting the employees will be discussed. The issues faced by the organization in managing the recruitment process and effectiveness of the recruitment methods in overcoming the challenges will be discussed in the paper. Along with this, necessary recommendations for the organization will also be explored (Armstrong, 2000).

    //As per the directions, we will write about the nature of recruitment process within the organization and the recruitment methods used by the HR management of the company. It will assist in gaining an insight of the recruitment policies and awareness of the management towards the recruitment ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1046 words with references.