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A Strategic Assessment of Apple's Mobile Phone Industry

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I need help with a strategic assessment that will enable Apple to improve its position in the computer and mobile phone industries, maintain leadership position in the digital music player industry and achieve success in the tablet computer market. Must include a competitive strength analysis, Michael Porter's five forces analysis and selected financial statistics and ratios for Apple 2006-2011.

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Company Overview
Apple Computer designs, manufactures and markets personal software and networking options. In addition, Apple designs, develops, and markets portable digital music. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, ...

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This solution comprises a 10-page Word document assessment of Apple's position in the mobile phone industry. Included with the assesment are progressive graphs and charts as well as a SWOT analyis and depiction of how Apple conforms to Porter's Five Forces Model. The student will be able to evaluate how Apple measures up to other industry giants in the computer and mobile phone industry.

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