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Pricing Strategies and Distribution Channels

Choose a company that has several product divisions, for example, GE, Proctor and Gamble, Ford Motor, or Aon to name a few.

Choose 1 product from your chosen company and discuss its pricing strategies and distribution channels.

Include whether or not you believe these strategies are effectively reaching and serving the product's market segment.

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The company selected for this assignment is Apple that manufactures products ranging from computers to mobile phones, tablet PC's, digital music player, etc. The company is recognized for its innovative and world class consumer electronic and computing products across the globe. The product selected for this assignment is Iphone.

Apple pursues a premium pricing strategy for its mobile products.. The company's products are unique, one of its kind and the company has a proven history of revolutionizing the industry segment in which its products are launched. For example, iPod revolutionized the digital music player ...

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Discusses pricing strategies and distribution channels for Apple.