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Distribution and Pricing

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Discuss the various ways that distribution adds value (or utility) to a product or service, the impact that wholesalers and retailers have on that value, and how it can be used as a competitive advantage.
As you market yourself to employers, the salary you demand is essentially your personal price. Keeping that in mind, determine the pricing strategy should you follow (penetration, skimming, or competitive). Explain your rationale.

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Importance of Distribution in Adding Value to Product and Services
Adopting proper distribution channel helps in introducing products and services more efficiently in the market. In order to sustain in the highly competitive market, companies have to adopt the proper distribution channel. Distribution channel helps the organization in making available goods and services more efficiently to the target market. Distribution channel has large amount of specialization, ...

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This solution explains how distribution adds value to a product. Also it is explained how salary strategy can be decided assuming it as personal price.