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    Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

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    Complete final sections of Strategic Marketing Plan and create one seamless document including feedback and changes suggested throughout the course. Additional content to should include:

    Development of Pricing Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus
    Development of Distribution Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus
    Development of Integrated Communication Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus
    Development of Implementation Plan.

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    -Development of Pricing Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus

    Business objectives entails pricing correctly for attracting customers as well as sustaining the interest in the brand product, thus, the strategy for implementation is on aligning features accordingly to assigned pricing matrix. In designing the business pricing model, the main objective is assuring the strategic focus relates towards brand identify in relation towards in effectively serving the consumer needs. Further, the pricing strategies on a particular product must follow along the conceptual framework to being able in charging certain prices that produces desired results as follow:

    a. Cost plus pricing strategy that entails a cost assessment of the actual product production and in selling the product but with limit accountability in the demand increase that can impact any set pricing levels.

    b. Premium pricing as a way towards higher level for reinforcing a limited quantity of superior value compared to any other product on the market aiming to serve the same / similar consumer needs.

    Try and think of pricing strategies as a way towards balancing out serving the ...

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