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    Strategic Plan - components and elements

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    Planning and setting goals are an important part of any company. Having a clear Mission and Vision help to set those plans and goals.

    • In your own words define what a strategic plan is.
    • What are the components of a strategic plan?
    • How do marketing and personnel help a company carry out its strategic plan?
    • How is analysis done to determine whether an agency's strategic plan is meeting its goals?
    • If you are a new administrator/manager of a home health agency, what would you change or address first if you feel the agency's strategic plan is not meeting its objectives?
    • Draw a conclusion on the importance of an agency having a strategic plan that works

    Your analysis should be at least 1 page in length (500 words). Use APA formatting to cite your sources. If you are able to get a strategic plan from a Home Health Agency.

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    A strategic plan is a document that shows an organization's objectives as well as the actions that are going to be implemented to achieve these goals, and other essential elements needed in the planning exercise. In order to create a winning strategic plan, there are a few components that need to be considered. According to Aucegypt.edu, there are elements that are essential of a strategic plan. One is that it must have the organization's mission, vision and values. These are brief statements that outline the organization's objectives, goals, direction, and ethical ideas. There is a need for environmental assessment which is composed of both internal and external analysis. An analysis of the organization's strengths and weaknesses are essential in a strategic plan, e.g., the factors that help in achieving the goals and mission and those that limit its ability to achieve its mission. An organization need to analyze the opportunities that will be helpful to achieve their goal as well as the threats that might hinder them, e.g., changes in technology, political, socioeconomic, etc. Another element is having goals which are the big objectives, the ultimate results. These objectives are specific and clear, measurable, achievable, as well as realistic and time bound.
    Strategic planning usually affects the whole business. The marketing department contributes a ...

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    * Strategic plan, defined, components/elements
    * Role of marketing and personnel departments in the strategic planning process
    * Measuring the success of a strategic plan/types of measurement
    * Three (3) areas that may be analyzed for a successful strategic plan in a home health agency
    * Benefits of a strategic plan/strategic planning
    * 723 words
    * Five (5) APA references