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Strategic Management

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Begin to work with an organization to produce a Strategic Management Plan. Choose a small organization or a department within a large organization. Start by producing a plan to plan. Describe for management and participants the purpose of the strategic management process, the model they will use, who will participate in developing each component of the strategic management plan, and the procedures to follow to settle disagreements and insure timely decision-making. Also, produce a schedule so that the strategic management plan will be completed in eight weeks. Coordinate your schedule with the appropriate people in the organization.

-Draft a vision statement.

-Write a mission statement.

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Strategic Management Process


Strategic management is an important task of each type of the organization or for every department of the large organization that involves the managerial decision and actions that helps in determining the long run performance of the corporation. The strategic management plan includes the environmental scanning, strategy formulation, implementation, evaluation and control. Each department of an organization follows the strategic management planning procedure to increase the effectiveness and efficiency. The production department of a large organization also makes the strategic management decision to increase the effectiveness in the production process.

Purpose of the Strategic Management Process

The strategic management process is used to increase the effectiveness of the organization. The primary purpose of the strategic management process is to make the production department enable in achieving the strategic return and also earn the high return from the investment. The strategic management process is also helpful for the management to define the clear sense of strategic vision for the firm. The process also solves the purpose of the management to focus on the important areas that are strategically important for the organization. The strategic management purpose also establishes the healthiest element for the development of the strategic intent (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005).

Strategic Management Model

A strategic process of the production department management can be defined as the flow of the information that is interrelated and directly helps in the achievement of the organizational goals. The production department uses the basic model of strategic management that includes the four basic elements as well as the vision, mission statement of the company and the ...

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