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Marketing Plan for Team Athletic in India

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I need help with one portion of this assignment.

Using your selected company, product, and country prepare a detailed outline of the second portion of your International Marketing Plan. Include at least one paragraph addressing each of the following items:

**The country I have selected is India, the company is 'Team Athletic' and the product/service is athletic shoe.

b. Develop an international marketing strategy that addresses the following:

1) Product

2) Promotional strategy

3) Pricing strategy

4) Place

a) Channels of distribution

b) Modes of entry

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The marketing plan for team athletics in India is examined.

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International Marketing Plan for Team Athletic

International Marketing Strategy

International business operations require effective international marketing strategy for its different aspects of business like product, price, place, promotion, distribution channels and modes of entry. For successful international expansion, Team Athletic also need to develop an effective and integrated international marketing strategy that can be done by considering subsequent aspects:

The Company will offer athletic shoes to children, women and men to all age groups. The athletic shoes will be offered in different models and in various styles suitable for different sports. The customers of the company can select shoe according to the sport they used to play or for some other purpose like walk or ...

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