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Effective Brand Names in Sports Marketing

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Search the Internet for three team nicknames (either college or professional) of which you were previously unaware. Do these team names seem to follow the suggested guidelines for effective brand names? Explain your reasoning.

You are a current sales/marketing executive for TAKE TWO athletic shoe company. The company has seen tremendous growth with their basketball shoe product line, and now you want to branch out into other athletic shoes. Choose a major U.S. sport (football, baseball, or golf) and apply the new product development process.

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Team and Brand Effectiveness

Following three professional US football teams are selected for evaluating effectiveness of their brand names:
Team Names Nick Names Reasons
Pittsburgh Steelers "The Black and Gold" On the basis of uniform Color
New York Giants "The Blue Giants" Uniform color basis
Jacksonville Jaguars "Jags" Team name abbreviation
(Jim Wegryn, 2013)

The brand name of above teams is required to modify as per the guidelines of effective brand names. The nickname of above football teams are only the external characteristics of a team. As per the guidelines, a team nick name should communicate both internal and external characteristics. The nickname of the above teams is based on ...

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The effective brand names in sports marketing are examined.

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