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Read: International Sport Marketing: Branding and Promoting the 2006 Olympic Winter Games - Elizabeth L.

1) Identify key concepts (of Global marketing, such as Four Ps, Entry, Time to Entry), write a list, and study them
2) Read the case in-depth and conduct additional research, if necessary
3) Apply concepts of global marketing to the 2006 Winter Olympics (Identify facts about the 2006 Winter Olympics by matching concepts of Global Marketing).
4) Develop arguments by applying the concepts of global marketing to the 2006 Winter Olympics facts.

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The solution discusses key concepts of international sports marketing and international businesses.

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Olympic Games have made their innovative image in the field of sports. In 1896, it didn't have such popularity and proper strategy to earn monetary value. After a huge break, a new president Juan Antonio Samaranch appointed in 1980 and he was the first one, who created the financial independent for Olympic. In 1984, Sarajevo OCOG has signed 447 sponsorship agreements for making that year's Olympic Winter Games more successful. After this step, the door of making monetary value has been opened and developed year by year effectively. There was no brand symbol has made in 3000 year history of Olympic. In 19th century, it has begun the process to create an identity of brand image and in till begging of 20th century the logo has been introduces, which shows a picture of interlocking rings (International Olympic Committee, 2008). These guidelines include the role of international marketing in the 2006 Winter Olympics management.

Global Marketing in 2006 Olympic Winter Games

The concept of global marketing has been the most helping factor of much business to increases positioning into market. Olympic has been embellished its quite effective image worldwide. Global marketing generally includes 4 Ps, which decides the innovativeness of organization, which develops to make appearance more effective. The branding decision of Olympic has been motivated with this marketing strategy. These 4Ps made by selection of product, price, place, and promotion (Davis, 2012). In context of 2006 Olympic Winter Games these marketing pillars that were also contributed at vast level.

Product/Service: This element includes the description of product in which, an organization has decide suitability of segment on the basis of age, income, geographical location etc. Through this assessment an ...

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