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How has Globalization affected American businesses

How has Globalization affected American businesses? What impact, if any, does operating in less developed countries have on a US based business? Do you think restructuring, mergers, and aquisitions on an international level allows an organization to be more successful? What about the US company that taps into an overseas market?

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International strategy

Globalization is the increase in unification of the world's most economic order through the reduction of barriers to international trade such as import quotas with a goal of increasing material wealth, services and goods through international division of labor sped up by specialization and competitors (Nayak 2011). There are several incidences showing how globalization has affected American businesses which positive for small American businesses with big ideas and few employees as long as they can properly carry an online marketing of themselves and do so well. Globalization has made it easier for ...

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How globalization affected American businesses are determined.