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Is globalization inevitable?

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Do you believe globalization is inevitable? Summarize the three viewpoints and how the viewpoint selected by a CEO might impact how the CEO plans for the company's future

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There are several different definitions and meaning for globalization of which one simple meaning would be unification of the world into a single society which functions together. Globalization involves internationalism, which in a number of cases can be misleading as global generally means 'one world' whereas international can be construed to different languages, people, cultures, borders, economies, and even ecosystems (Patapan, 2007).

Globalization is a word which has become one of primary importance in the current business world. This became dominant in the 90s when the cold war ended and the Soviet Union came to a sudden collapse and fell apart was separated.

Globalization is the process of speedy yet steady change and integration of countries and the occurrences that happen with the use of foreign trade and a lot of foreign investments. Globalization can be expressed as newer opportunities and possibilities for action among people across the world. Here the location is not an issue and the social activities are not affected by the location of the individuals or the businesses. There have been a number of different definitions that have been provided for globalization, however none of these can be considered to be precise. However some of the definitions that have been provided by experts are discussed below. According to Stephen Gill, globalization is a method of reducing the costs in terms of transaction and Trans - border movements of, capital as well as goods and also the factors of production and goods (Robert C. Feenstra and Gordon H. Hanson, 1996). However Guy Brainbant ...

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The solution explains the necessity of globalization and the three viewpoints are analyzed in detail. The impact of the CEO's perspective is also discussed. References are also added at the end of the solution.

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