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Positive Effects of Globalization

Some people view globalization as a destructive force on culture and others see it as having a positive effect. What do you think? Agree or Disagree.

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As a person, a citizen of the world, I can see that it can be both. While we can see the inevitable effect it can have on the economies of all countries with our recent problems, we can also see the affects of working together globally to meet the demands of the markets everywhere.

Cultures form through the norms and mores of the social culture in different regions, countries, cities, families. While each time a new and better advancement is opened to the world, it is not without consequences as well as advantages. As a culture is exposed to other cultures, the identity may have to shift and change. Introduction of new ideas and new ways or performing old tasks can improve the lives of people in many way, but change them in profound ways as well. The key is to balance our lives and the lives of others, based on the specific needs the culture involved. If we want ...

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Globalization as a destructive force on culture is analyzed. The positive effects of this are discussed.